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Club Lunae Exclusive Scents List


Woodland Walk | Musk accord + Bergamot + Cedar

You remember it well. It was an exciting smell that invited you to adventure. A warm and seductive fragrance, somehow mysterious and sophisticated. Fragrance notes that once played with your imagination. Your mind painted a picture of the person wearing this sexy perfume. You couldn't wait to find out who was behind it. This scent gets your pulse racing and your adrenaline pumping. Its ingredients include a musk accord, bergamot from Italy and cedarwood from the Americas, making it an intensely sensual fragrance that remains irresistible. No matter the time, or the place...


Adventurous Spirit | Sandalwood + Bergamot + Guaiac Wood

Made from sandalwood from Australia, bergamot from Italy and guaiac wood from Central America. This sensual fragrance will add a touch of softness and roundness to your personality.

MR. GATSBY'S WIFE | Camellia Leaves + Lemon + Juniper Berries

A tribute to the roaring twenties. Glamor everywhere and a spectacular dress. You will discover the unique aroma of a love story full of passion. Independent and adventurous. Brilliant and delicate. Soft and warm like spring. A fragrance that smells like a new beginning, but at the same time sweet memories of a past life. This is a green, floral scent made from an accord of camellia leaves, lemon from Italy, and juniper berries from Turkey.


Sunny Positano | Blood Orange + Geranium + Sandalwood

Can you imagine enjoying breakfast in sunny Positano. A fresh scent of spicy elegance. Gentle sea breezes and sunshine in a bottle. The aroma of freshly cut oranges that accompanies you like a sophisticated shadow. The perfect and fresh balance of citrus aromas. This exceptional creation will take your imagination to sunny places, inviting you to sit under the orange trees and explore the fruity nuances of nature. It is characterized as one of the most iconic citrus fragrances.

Notes: Blood orange from Italy, geranium from China or sandalwood from Australia.

Sparkling Cocktail | Citron + Mint + Cypress Tree

A sparkling cocktail with friends on a beach. Lovers of fresh aromas will be seduced by the notes of Citron from the Mediterranean Sea, Chinese Mint and Cypress from Provence.


Moroccan Flower | Iris + Orange Flower + Guaiac Wood

The contrast between grace and power. This aroma is rebellious and reflects a strong and determined character. But it also adds a touch of elegance to your personality. The iris flower is not only famous for its scent, its name can also be interpreted as a metaphor for a rainbow: a colorful link between earth and sky.

Notes: Iris and orange blossom from Morocco, guaiac wood from Central America to give this perfume a warm olfactory note.


Italian Mocaccino | Tuberose + Bergamot + Espresso Coffee

Love has an unforgettable aroma. You wake up in the morning and remember its uniqueness. During the day, your thoughts may drift away with the memory of this particular fragrance. And when you get into bed at night, you might dream about it again before falling asleep. This scent is definitely one of them.

Notes: tuberose from India, bergamot from Italy and an espresso accord.